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Social Concerns Committee

St. Mary Refuge of Sinners

Social Concerns Ministry

Mission Statement:

As disciples of Our  Lord Jesus  Christ, the Social Concerns Ministry of St. Mary Refuge of Sinners Parish is mandated by our Baptismal call to comfort those in need, to provide hope to the hopeless, and to advocate for a just society within parish and community.  The mission of the Social Concerns Ministry is formed by the Gospel message and guided by Catholic Social Teaching.

Vision Statement:

The Social Concerns Ministry of St. Mary Refuge of Sinners Parish will be the model of inspiration and information for social justice in our parish and community.  This ministry will be the voice of awareness, advocacy and action providing opportunities to engage parishioners in the social mission of the Church.

St. Mary Refuge of Sinners

Social Concerns Committee

June 9, 2009, 6:00 PM





        Ida Mercado

Barbara Wallace

Joan Woodward

Carol and Bill Griffith

Jenny and Pat Nugent


Appointment of a Secretary

        Ida Mercado was appointed Secretary for the meeting


 Project Status

·        Habitat for Humanity (Melanie)

o       Carol spoke on behalf of Melanie

o       The project having been previously adopted, and Melanie having volunteered to coordinate the project, the details were reported in the minutes of the May meeting.

o       The committee discussed the details as presented and enthusiastically embraced them.  Melanie will be requested to proceed according to her proposal.


·        Hispanic ministry (Bill)

o       The committee adopted the Hispanic Ministry proposal offered by Bill, and his magnanimous offer to coordinate the project was gratefully accepted.  Rev. Chris Posch OFM, Diocesan Direct of the Office of Hispanic Ministry, volunteered to “shadow” our project for a year to give support and assistance.  This is an exciting, concrete proposal that will include the entire parish population. 


o       Objective:  to orient the larger parish community to the culture of its Hispanic community and foster solidarity through shared Catholic traditions and experiences. 


·        After appropriate consideration by the committee, the following steps were decided on:

o       We will invite leadership members of the Hispanic community, to be suggested by Fr. Carlos, to our July meeting, along with the St. Mary’s Hispanic Minister.  Barbara will secure names from Fr. Carlos and present the invitations by phone. The purpose in including them is to coordinate our efforts, envisioned by the proposal, with the members of the community to ensure that our ideas match their desires and needs.  We want the members of the Hispanic community to be fully involved in carrying out this project.  The committee intends to share “ownership” of the program with the Hispanic Minister and the community.


o       At the July meeting, we will decide what specific endeavors to adopt.


o       We will invite Brother Posch to our September meeting to assist in getting the project off the ground, to provide orientation to the committee to the needs and circumstances of the Hispanic community, to familiarize members with the Diocesan Hispanic Ministry program and other parish programs.   


·        Parish education – on the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching – Lenten “mission” (Pat)

o       As this is a distant project, no activity is reported.


·        Salt and Light Training

o       We plan to offer the Salt and Light training to the parish in the fall of 2010, after other Catholic Social Justice orientation efforts are completed.


·        Consider suggestions for additional ministry

o       The committee will consider other projects once the current projects are securely underway.


Next Meeting:

        Tuesday, July 14th


         Adjournment :

        The meeting concluded in a timely fashion with the following prayer:


O God

help me

to believe

the truth about myself

no matter

how beautiful is it!

                                                Macrina Wiederkehr

The Committee has adopted two exciting projects for action this year:

1.We will gather a team to work on the Cambridge Habitat for Humanity “green” house.  We worked on an earlier house and it was wonderful opportunity to gather and make a tangible contribution to the community.  This recognizes Jesus’ “When you did this for the least of these little ones, you did it for me”. Details to come. 

2.We will gather together the Spanish and English speaking members of the parish to orient the larger parish to the culture of its Hispanic community and foster solidarity through shared Catholic traditions and experiences.  This will be a longer term project with a number and variety of events and opportunities, beginning this fall.   More information later.

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