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Parish Council Meeting Minutes

St. Mary Refuge of Sinners and St. Mary Star of the Sea

Parish Pastoral Council Minutes of May 11, 2009




Members attending were: Father Lawler, Mary Jo Bosley, DRE Rosemary Robbins, Sister Dorothy, Carol Griffith, Ida Mercado, Chris Flynn and Lee Weldon.  Also attending: Tom Bosley representing the Finance Committee.

Father Lawler chaired the meeting in Donna Stubbs absence.

An opening prayer was offered by Mary Jo Bosley.

The Minutes for the meeting of March 9, 2008 were approved with two sentences corrected, and an addendum was added.  The official copy was corrected and added to the record.

Written reports were received from The Christian Formation Committee (March and April meetings), St. Mary Star of the Sea Pastoral Care Committee, Social Concerns Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, and Hispanic Ministry. The reports will be attached to these minutes in the official record.

No reports were forthcoming from St. Mary’s Society and St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Finance Report:  Tom Bosley presented the March 31, 2009 Nine Month Report to the Parish Council. He provided members with an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and a Summary report.

In his summary there were several items of note.  The Total Ordinary Income was $14,408 below budget primarily due to the weekly offertory being $11,723 below budget. The Total Special Purpose Income was $6, 399 above budget primarily due to the Monthly Mortgage Collection and the Hispanic Ministry income being $5, 404 above budget. The Extra Ordinary Income was $12,712, versus a budgeted amount of $26,869.  Parish expenses are essentially on budget.

The nine month deficit of $32,057 was caused by lower than expected offertory collections, and lower than budgeted special gifts and donations.


Old Business:  Agenda item “growing the parish” Lee Weldon made the comment when submitting the Building and Grounds report, that when you give the people something to look forward to, they are more apt to find ways to contribute.  He sees fellowship opportunities as a marketing tool for growth. No report submitted from the task force sub-committee.


Web Site: Chris Flynn reported on the parish web site.  There continues to be a technical problem about getting the bulletin posted, and efforts continue to try and correct it. A link method may be used.  Chris says that he and Lee are always looking for new ideas.  Adding a calendar of parish events was suggested, also a contact page with a form to fill out.  Doing a children’s page was a possibility mentioned, too.  The memorial page idea is still being considered.  Father Lawler suggested a Spanish link would be helpful.


 Deacon Carlos’ Ordination:  So far 28 have signed up for the bus and Mary Jo circulated a menu item page for the parishioner provided reception after the First Mass of Thanksgiving.  This is being coordinated by Barbara Jeanne Wallace.

Other Sacraments:  First Communions and Confirmations held recently in our parish have been well planned and Rosemary Robbins in her first year as DRE of the parish was commended all around.  She modestly deferred to the Holy Spirit.


Nominating committee: The Committee asked to come up with names of new candidates for parish council elections was represented by Lee and Carol.  They said that Larry and /or Karen McGowen and Laura Weldon, and Peachy and Paulo San Juan were identified and are interested. The committee needs to come up with pictured ballots and poster biographies for both churches of the parish. Elections need to be announced and held.  There is a need for a person to take over as vice-president and immediately to rise to president as Donna will be rotating off.  Father Lawler said that Jenny Nugent has expressed a willingness to serve if no other comes forward.


 New Business: Sister Dorothy announced to council that she will be leaving our parish at the end of June, just a little short of nine years of service. Sister Dorothy said she will be living in community with eight other Sisters at St. Helena’s parish in Wilmington. She will be doing some sort of volunteer work and will also be closer to her family in that city. Her decision came after discernment that this was the right time and path for her at this time of her life.

Father Lawler said that the parish will miss her greatly and will always be grateful to her for getting our Hispanic Ministry off the ground. He said that the parish also owes her a debt of gratitude for helping us to see that Hispanic immigrants are not to be afraid of, but are to be welcomed as brothers and sisters in Christ. Father said there is a layperson who lives in Easton, a native of El Salvador, who is interested in the Hispanic Ministry position on a part time basis.  She is younger and Sr. Dorothy thinks she will do a good job. She has a daughter in seventh grade at St. Peter and Paul School.

Father says the details are not finalized and he does not want to make the announcement of the staff change until after the celebratory weekend of the Ordination of Carlos.  He requests that for this reason, the parish council minutes be delayed a bit.

Council Meetings: Father said that there has been an anonymous suggestion that the parish pastoral council should meet more often.  Lee Weldon asked that the meetings be changed from the second Monday to the third Monday because of an ongoing conflict that he has.  No one present objecting, it was decided that the next meeting and those going forward would be on the third Monday. Because of summer approaching, the next meeting was set for August.


Date of next Meeting:         August 17, 2009

Location of next meeting:   St. Mary Star of the Sea Golden Hill Meeting Building


Prayer Assignments:           Opening prayer Chris Flynn, Closing Prayer Father Lawler




Unofficial Minutes, Respectfully submitted,



Mary Jo Bosley









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